Naughty or Nice

Hello, Dear Reader!

It’s been a while since my last post! While I’ll update soon on what’s been keeping me busy, I am here celebrating the holidays and wanted to bring you some delicious updates. What better time of year than this season to start writing again and share a little something tasty?

I’m kicking off a week of delicious boozy treats, with 5 easy to make recipes sure to please even the scrooge in your group!

First off? My favorite pair of cocktails for those on your nice or naughty list – The Chrismosa and the Grinchmosa! We usually kick off Christmas morning with the Chrismosa, a tart and bubbly mimosa made better by blood orange juice and the orange-y pop of Grand Marnier with some cava. This year, I am adding in a Grinchmosa, a fun green twist, with blue curaçao, orange juice, and you guessed it, more cava. Both are easy to make, and even easier to drink and are an easy addition to your holiday line up. Ready to get mixing? Read on!


These are made in a flute and to taste, so feel free to add more cava or prosecco as you like. The holidays are all about getting what you want!

Chrismosa – for my Nice List
1-ounce Grand Marnier
2 ounces blood orange juice (this is also wonderful with pomegranate juice!)
Top with your favorite bubbles

Grinchmosa – for those of you on the Naughty List
1-ounce blue curaçao
2 ounces orange juice
Just like before, top with your favorite bubbles

A note, I did get fancy and add a pinch of edible glitter to each glass (green for the Grinchmosa and ivory for the Chrismosa) to make it a little more fun. Those run about $5 each at your local craft store in the baking area.

So Dear Reader, which list are you on? Team Nice List or Team Naughty List? Join me tomorrow when we test out whether you can nog your way into a tasty cocktail!

Yours in boozy holiday goodness,

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