Beery Loves

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately-at work, at home, with South Park Arts. It’s been keeping me busy. I’ll write a full review soon, but to tide y’all over, I interviewed a brewer friend of mine!  You can read that interview here.

Read on, and if you’re local, go check out Burdick Brewing!


On Loss and Happiness

Oh, that face. That smile. This is Missy and I a few months ago at a bonfire. The same bonfire where we spent hours. The same bonfire where she supported me in my decision to be single, and the same bonfire where she pushed me to ask a young man out.
That mischievous smile, that when it flashed, you knew you were in for a fun night.  That is what I will miss most about Missy.  
Missy passed away this morning after a valiant fight against cancer. She died enveloped in the arms of those who loved her, and with the love of an entire community by her side. Dear reader, I am so sorry that you never had a chance to meet her. To know that smile, to know the livelihood that existed inside of her.
I’m sad. For myself. For those who lost her. 
Years ago, when I was going through a break up, I was at a crossroads and Missy and I went for a drive. The question came up, “Do I try to make it work or do I walk away?”. In true Missy style, she asked if I was happy. Simple. “Are you happy”.  The answer was no.  She retorted, “There you go, problem solved”, and that was that. She smiled and patted my knee. That was really that.
If it wasn’t for Missy, I wouldn’t have met my partner Nick. I wouldn’t have dated him at her urging, and I wouldn’t have my baby girl now.
Life is short. You find amazing people in your life, and don’t let them go. Do what you can to be loved and give love and when all else fails, ask yourself, “are you happy?”. 
To you Missy.