Its been a while!

I realized its been so darn long since I have logged in and posted anything! I can’t even remember the last time I had blogged. From the looks of it, it was around May!

Since then a lot has been going on-quite a few road trips, a break from photography as a job and a lot of time at work.  We’ve managed to go to the Redwoods, a few events and Glacier National Park. I squeezed in a festival, Crank It Up, and an engagement in there too. Its been a good few months!  Here’s a few shots:

Lately, we’ve been prepping the house for sale-a long process since there is always SOMETHING that this house needs. We’re happy with the way the house is coming along and confident we should be able to sell in the Spring.

The coming weeks should bring a photography event for a friend, editing of CIU, and at least one or two more road trips. I’ll be posting work as I can and keeping you all updated of where I will be! 

Until next time,