Earthly Desires

Happy Earth Day all!

The skies have been mostly blue here in Seattle, and that means it has been time for sipping cocktails and using the grill (without having to use all of the rain gear)!

Recently I had a chance to try three tequilas from Casa Noble-their Blanco, Anejo, and Reposado. As an added bonus to spur my culinary whims, they sent a gift card for Whole Foods. Tequila and food?! Yes, please!

With Earth Day in mind, I wanted to stay as sustainable, go organic, and stick with non-GMO products. The great news? Case Noble fits that bill.

So knowing that Earth Day is a great chance to live sustainably, as well as to get outside and enjoy the sun, I put together a tasty menu to celebrate spring and all that is good with Seattle:

Welcome Drink:
The Mariposa, made with Casa Noble’s Anejo Tequila

Main Dish:
Gulf Prawns, sustainably caught, marinated in lime, cilantro, scotch bonnet pepper and Casa Noble’s Blanco Tequila.

Main Course Drink:
Bloody Maria, with house made organic veggie juice and seasonings, local bacon, and organic house made pickles made boozy by Casa Noble’s Reposado Tequila.

Do I have your attention? No? How about some tasty eye candy and recipes? There you go, now I have you!  Read on!

I know, right?
Lets continue with the recipes!
The Welcome Drink, the Mariposa, 
Combine 2 ounces of tequila- I used the Anejo
1.5 ounces of elder flower liquor
2 ounces of blood orange simple syrup
the juice of one lime
1/2 of a large, very ripe grapfruit
Add seltzer to taste
Gently shake to combine
Coat the rim of the glass in vanilla sugar, and pour this delicious cocktail into your pretty glass. Enjoy with a side of great company and sunshine!
Round Two-The Bloody Maria
2 ounces Tequila-I used the Reposado (more if you like a heavy handed drink)
2 cups (approximately) Veggie Juice (I blended carrots, tomato, kale, beets and celery, and garlic to make mine, but you can also make your own with whatever veggies you have, or go easy and get something pre-made!)
Horseradish to taste
Pepper to taste
Worcestershire sauce-two hearty splashes
Hot sauce to taste (I like tapatio)
Splash of seltzer to thin it out a bit
-Shake your main ingredients up
-Coat the rim of a glass with a combination of smoked salt and chili powder, and garnish with your fave treats. I used:
Pickles (I make my own, so I have them on hand)
Bacon, delicious bacon…there’s no recommended maximum, but you should include it!
Oh yes…so good.
And for the main course: Spicy prawns, marinated with tequila blanco, cilantro, lime and garlic; served of whole grain wild rice with organic bell pepper and black beans.
1 cup wild rice (Bluebird Farms makes a great one), cooked.
1/2 cup organic black beans
1/2 organic bell pepper, diced-your choice, keep it raw, or saute lightly with garlic and olive oil
1/2 lb shrimp or prawns-our prawns came from Whole Foods, and were sustainably caught in the gulf (also tested for contaminants)
The marinade:
1 lime, juiced (about 2 Tbspns)
1 hearty Tblspn Blanco Tequila (and a drink for you, dear chef!)
1/4 tspn smoked paprika
1 tspn olive oil
1/8 tspn fresh ground pepper
1 pinch kosher salt
1/4-1/8 scotch bonnet pepper (depending on how spicy you like it)
Mix all the ingredients for the marinade, and add prawns, letting it all meld together in tasty goodness for 30 minutes. 
Sip one of your delicious cocktails and preheat your grill
Place the prawns on the grill and cook until they start to curl up and are no longer translucent.
Place shrimp over your rice, sprinkle with beans and bell peppers, topping with cilantro and hot sauce. Sit back, sip your cocktail and enjoy!
Thank you again to Casa Noble for the opportunity to try out the fun spirits!  Now, dear reader, it’s your turn!
What are you cooking and drinking?