One more post for the day…about being handy-or not.

A while ago I posted on Facebook about “Why I am not Bob Villa”, and took a few minutes to jot down a conversation about my version of home improvement. After an adventure today in cleaning my gutters, I decided to post both notes for everyone’s entertainment 🙂  Enjoy!

Why I am not Bob Villa:  Saturday, July 2, 2011 at 2:03pm

I really am being productive today, despite the many facebook additions. This was just too funny not to share. Well, in my head any ways. This is a text convo between a friend and I. Please note, my friend is way more handy than I am, I’m guessing. This convo proved it:
Me: Did you know you have to build screens? They don’t come pre-built! WTH? Do I look handy?
Friend: Screens?
Me: Yeah, for windows
Friend: Window sizes tend to be different. I can give you a hand.
Me: Phew. Cause I may lose an eye building it. I thought I was being slick using the one I found in my garage, but then I almost stabbed myself (I was using a pair of scissors to make it go together), and then the damn screen was too small for the window, and I was like, WTH? Why do I even have this screen? Do I even have windows this small?! Sigh. I may just drink.
Friend: Do you need real tools?
Me: Probably. I could have used a screw driver. That would have worked better. It’s also less stabby.
Friend: Do you not have one?
Me: I do, it was just in the house.
This convo went on, and included mention of setting myself up for success by not using scissors-which by the way I had used earlier to dig up a carrot and poke at a bug. And this is why I shouldn’t be allowed around sharp objects. Or windows. or Home Depot.
Why I am still not Bob Villa, Or How I didn’t bust my ass in the rain: September 26th.

While working from home today, I noticed that water was just dribbling down the eaves of my roof. I am assuming that’s what the sides of my roof are called. See…you get where this is going already, right?
Either way,  I decided that I was going to clean my gutters today. Armed with a ladder and a knitting needle, I ventured outside.
Wait….you don’t clean your gutters with a knitting needle? Did you read my earlier note about putting a screen together with scissors? Clearly, you’re just now catching on to my improvised handimanliness. Yes, I also make up words. 
So…I go outside armed with the tools of my trade, and set up the ladder…which takes all of like 5 minutes as there’s some stupid release mechanism involved. Once done I put it down and test it. Its not too wobbly, so I decide to climb up. This is when a big drop of roof water falls into my eye. I am not at the right spot to set up the ladder, but I did identify where water is falling.  I move the ladder on to the porch by the downspout and climb up again, with much more success and less water in my eye. Now….smart-ass…this is where the knitting needle comes in handy. I think “there MUST be a clog in the downspout”, so I start poking around. Nope. No clog. So I look around…the issue is all this goop that is filling up the stupid external gutters and making a bird pool on my roof.
I then proceed to poke at that with my knitting needle to no avail – the goop is too far away. Sigh. I start to climb down, only to notice some big ass black thing is moving towards my rain-water filled eye. Apparently I managed to give a spider a ride on my head. At this point, I am done, covered in rain water, about to start screaming and waving my arms like a crazy person, all while perched precariously on my porch on a slick ladder. I remove said stupid spider and climb down off the ladder and decide two things:
1. I am still not Bob Villa
2. I shouldn’t be allowed to fix my house. Period.
Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to teach me how to do this. I now owe you beer. =D

Housework, if it is done right, can kill you.  ~John Skow

My fall wardrobe

I love, love, LOVE fall. I get excited every time the weather changes and the leaves start changes. I think about using the fire place and making coq au vin, and pumpkins and doing more crafts. I also love pulling out my fall clothes, including scarves. I dont normally post about clothes, but after playing on (another site you NEED to check out), I couldn’t help post what I want to wear this season. Enjoy a peek into my style, from what I can’t wait to wear to work, on the town and to go play in the leaves 🙂

My fall wardrobe

My fall wardrobe by rainaanderson 

What’s that sound??? Its the sound of me being productive!

I’ve been stuck on the website lately…if you haven’t seen it, you should check it out…Its a neat site where people “pin” things that they like from various websites, based on various interests. *Disclaimer*: The site is awesome, and you can easily waste hours upon hours viewing it all. So what have I been up to lately?

Canning! I took nearly 45 pounds of tomatoes and made them into sauce. I now have more sauce then I will need for some time-I’m definitely set for winter!

I’ve also been trying my damnedest to work on my quilt. Its been years since I started it…I get a little bit done, and then I get bored, and back into the bin it goes. Its made up of tiny 4″ squares from the Amy Butler “Daisy Chain” line. 4 sets of 4″ squares are sewn together, and then sewn to other color coordinated groups of tiny squares. You see why I only get so far? 🙂  Here’s a pic, so you get an idea of what it looks like:

Again, a lot of little squares=a lot of a pain to complete. 
I’ve also spent the last two weekends doing a little photography. There’s been a few events in the neighborhood, which allowed me to get in some shots. First up was Fiestas Patrias, which travels right down my street-super convenient!

The parade is bright, festive and overall quite fun. I spent some of today cropping the pics and deleting some I just didn’t like. In addition to Fiestas Patrias, there was the First Annual South Park Car Show-Again, really close, allowing me to take some fun shots. I don’t really enjoy taking pics of cars as a whole, just pieces of them:

 While obviously not a car, I loved how even the graffiti in my ‘hood is wonderful 🙂

Today also yielded a new project, as I felt like I just needed to complete something-using an old stamp between two tiny pieces of glass, to make a magnet. Finally being a stamp collecting dork pays off!!!
I am still getting used to using the metal tape, and can see that I need some practice, and a bone folder to make it look a little nicer, but not bad for 5 minutes of work. The other side is vintage style paper. Cute and fun.
So whats on tap next?
Work. We’re launching a big client, so my world seems to be revolving around that. I am also working to throw a benefit concert/event for a friend whose cancer has returned. No one should have to choose between paying for medical care and living expenses. Lastly, possibly a short road trip this weekend. It’ll be nice to get out of town before work becomes too busy to take time off. 
I hope this has been a good, fun read. I also hope you check out; its motivated me to get off my bum and craft, maybe it will do the same for you!

All of us have wonders hidden in our breasts, only needing circumstances to evoke them.  ~Charles Dickens

Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.  ~Veronica A. Shoffstall, “After a While,” 1971
And no big surprise….all images copy write 2011-Tiger Lily Designs

Fuzzy Healing

I keep meaning to post pictures of my vacation, but when you see the pictures of what I have been doing, you’ll see why that has taken a back seat. 🙂

Last week, I went to pick up Chicken Kitties ashes from the vet. They had been so amazingly kind and supportive and I was so glad to have had them put down Chicken, since it had to be done. Upon picking her up, Mary had let me know there was a gift in there for me – It was a baked clay tile with her little kitty paw prints. In addition to my baby’s ashes in a beautiful wood box, I had her tiny ant-feet to remind me of her too. I of course bawled to no end, but it was an amazing way to say goodbye, but still keep her close. I decided I needed to go run errands to clear my mind, and opted to get some big worms for the chickens to nibble on. They have been producing so well, I thought, why not give them a treat. As I walked up to the pet store, I saw something that made my heart melt and break all at the same time-a fuzzy, itty bitty ball of cuteness. The paper on the cage said that he was abandoned, and was only 6 weeks old. He was underfed, but loving. I paused, longingly at the blue eyed calico mess, looking so tiny in his big cage, and then went on in for worms for the girls. On my way out, I asked if I could hold him, and he was the cutest, howlingest thing ever. My eyes were still red from crying over Chicken Kitty, I wasn’t ready.

All that night I thought about his furry little face, and wondered, “Why hadn’t anyone adopted him!?”. The next morning I convinced Nick to go look at him before a quick hike and sea glass hunting. The kitten was still there, looking sad. Lots of people had stopped by, but no one wanted him. Nick wasn’t sold on the idea, he was still grieving Chicken, and his own kitty leaving to go live with his old roommate. I put him back and we went on our hike. Post hike, Nick and I stopped at the Tin Room in Burien for a beer, and discussed the kitty. Nick had decided he was ready and could see that I was too, so we decided to go look one more time. We were both so smitten and decided I needed to have him. I feel really fortunate to have found an abandoned furry, and I still miss Chicken Kitty every day, but it’s nice to know that a little guy has a good home. So without further adieu, I introduce: Iggy:

Its hard to be sad, when I look at his tiny face, and hold his 1 lb, 3 oz body. It reminds you to just be happy and to live in the moment.

I hope all of you are doing as well as I have been-my best to you all!