Beer Friday

I haven’t been out at the local breweries as much as I would like to. It’s been busy and my energies have been spent in other places. Last week though, we were hot, I had been in a crowd for way too long, and we needed a break. The break came in the frosty, frothy form of West Seattle Brewing. In writing this up, I realized that I haven’t given much of a nod to my favorite South Park Breweries! Those are added here too!

Burdick Brewing – South Park (Seattle)
You guys. I love this place. Max is a genuinely awesome guy and a great brewer to boot. I could stop here and just tell you to go, but I won’t. Sadly, it’s been a while since I have been, despite this gem being walking distance from my house. The space is large, with high ceilings and cool vintage lights. Local art curated by yours truly adorns the exposed brick walls. A giant projector screen rolls down to watch games. If that’s not enough, there’s even local musician events. This is a one-stop date night, rolled into a place that just feels like home. This, my friends, is my replacement for Baron Brewing. What’s good? Yes. I loathe IPA’s, but Max makes an IPA that is actually good. The Honey and rye, which was one of his first and a low alcohol beer danced in your mouth. The Pale was solid, as was the Stout. Ah heck. What are you doing still reading? Stop and go!
Parking? Street.
Noise level? Depends on what is happening. When local heroes Fluffer played, the place was packed! On a given Thursday, the vibe is super relaxed.
Beers on a scale of 1-10? 8-9.
Food? Nope, but you can grab something from Napoli or Muy Macho our local tasty food places.
Playtime? Max is baby friendly, as is the brewery. There’s room for the littles to stretch out.

Lowercase Brewing – South Park (Seattle)

These new(er)-comers to the hood are genuinely sweet guys, too. And the best part? They share a wall with Burdick. It’s not uncommon to see the two brewers comparing notes. The space is small, but looks super cool, with upcycled furnishings and pallet walls. You have to see it to get it. The Mexican Lager is darn tasty, and they also make a good root beer. The beers aren’t hard core, and are lighter alcohol. The best part? They also show Game of Thrones! 
Parking? Street. Stay parked and go to or come from, Burdick.
Noise? Since it’s small, it can get noisy, but it’s likely to be South Parkers, so it’s cool. We’re a raucous group. 
Beers on a scale of 1-10? The Mexican Lager? A 9; The others? Nick says a 7. 
Food? They have snacks and mighty tasty hot nuts.
Playtime? If it’s crowded, it’s babes in arms level of space

Tin Dog Brewing – South Park (Seattle)

Yet another local gem. Lisa and her hubby Erik are pretty darn awesome. They are friendly, fun, and brew some good Bavarian beers. Izzy loves Lisa, and Lisa is always quick to grab Izzy for us, so we can enjoy part of a pint. A few months ago, I got sick, and Lisa emailed to make sure I was ok. It’s that kind of place! The brewing set up is pretty slick, and you can get a quick tour. The taps rotate pretty frequently, but a food good standby’s are there regularly. Another upside? It’s a few blocks away from the Lowercase and Burdick.
Parking? Tons! They are in the industrial plaza at the West end of South Park.
Noise? A good consistent hum of locals chatting and laughing, great background music, but it’s nothing overwhelming.
Beers on a scale of 1-10? If you like hops, you’ll have a happy day. If not, fret not-there’s still more to choose. The beers also have a higher alcohol. The saison is super good, the Jaggery Belgian had tropical notes and the Hefe’s are banana-y. The beers for me, range from good, to holy pants. I give the Jaggery a 10. 
Food? These guys do it right! They have small plates of snacks made from local eateries.
Playtime? Super kiddo friendly, but note that there’s a garage door that opens to a parking lot by a busy main drag. Lisa is an awesome beer-Aunt. 

West Seattle Brewing – West Seattle

This place was great-tons of seating, both at the bar and at tables. There’s big screens for great game watching, and the building itself is pretty great. It was an old quick-E-Mart converted into a funky new business. The guys that were pouring were friendly, and really loved the beer. They were happy to talk to us about it, and asked what we thought about them. All in all, a great joint. It was HOT that weekend, and so they were one-third of their beers, but as you can see in the picture above, there were still quite a few beers to try out. I liked the red and the American Wheat. Nick really liked the Imperial Stout and the Red.  So, what’s the run down?
Parking? Plentiful, with a small shared lot, but a lot street parking available
Noise level? On a weekend afternoon, there’s music and quite a few people, but you can carry on a conversation without raising your voice
Beers on a scale of 1-10? 8. Nick says 7.5, but he was distracted by our Tiny Beast.
Food? None, but they do have a BBQ joint right next door
Playtime? Fellow parents bring their kids, too.

Another Year More Awesome

Oh man, you guys…So far, 36 is pretty awesome. 
The whole time was amazing and it was a great long weekend with the 4th of July falling on a Friday.  I spent the 4th with great friends on a river, watching the fireworks. My birthday was spent in Port Townsend enjoying ciders at Finn River, gazing at amazingly bright flowers, and frolicking among tiny fuzzy critters. Finn River Cidery and Wilderbee Farms were by far my favorite spots-we were able to pet sheep and lovely tiny goats. I am pretty sure Nick is now sold on the idea of adding goats to our future farm-we fell in love with the Soay breed-noted as an elfin breed. They were fuzzy, and wooly, and wanted to play with Izzy and I. 
I. Was. In. Heaven.
Sunday was spent relaxing at The Hangar Cafe in Georgetown, with a lovely wild blackberry mimosa and that amazing crepe in the last picture. I had the Hangar, which from their site, says it was filled with “Egg, black forest ham, swiss, cheddar, slivered red onion, roma tomatoes, and baby spinach. Topped with our house made poblano basil vinaigrette and crème fraiche.” I am pretty sure it was filled with amazing and love. And it was cheap and filling, to boot.

So that was it-food, drinks, and tiny critters (both my own as well as the furry, four legged variety) and it couldn’t have been any better.

Here’s to a great upcoming year!