An update

I really need to blog more! This has been a mixed-bag week. Had an amazing vacation with a new guy I am dating, but came back to immense sadness and hard decisions.
I spent 5 days on the road travelling from Washington, to Northern California to the Redwoods and then made my way up, via the I-5 corridor back home, stopping at cute hotels and little shops. I found retro fabric, and vintage pillowcases hand embroidered with people on them, so adorable. I realized how much I adored the new guy, and how wonderful of a road trip pal he was.
Sadly, I came home to a dying cat, Chicken, who I decided to have put to sleep this morning. She was only 8, which made this decision that much more difficult. She shouldn’t have been taken away so early. She was a finicky, snugly, blue skinned, and green-eyed princess, who came into my life as a last-ditch effort to save a failing marriage. Its like another chapter of that old life just ended.
Its hard already, not seeing her perched in her favorite spots, and sad not hearing her walk around. I know the pain will lessen as the days go on, but I am still so heartbroken to have had to let her go so soon. I still have her best friend, and Christmas present, Charlie, and Mia, as well as the two chickens outside. Its just not the same.
Our last moments were good, we sat in the yard, and Nick held her as we drove to the vet for her procedure. She purred until the last moments and then she went to sleep. The vet was kind enough to let me hold her in my arms, wrapped in a blanket while she passed. I wish so much that I had cherished every moment I had with her more. I won’t get that time back, but I am so grateful for the time that we did have together. I am so happy to have been able to be there with her, holding her and petting her in her final moments, versus waiting for her to die alone.
I miss her terribly, but I know that letting her go was the best thing I could have done for her. Goodbye Chicken Kitty, I love and miss you more than all the fishes in the sea.