On the road again

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Lately, we’re squeezing every ounce of sunlight and fun out of every day, and have been so lucky to get on the road again. October and early November brought cooler weather and cabin camping with friends in North and Southern Washington. First was Battleground State Park, for a (mostly) girls camp trip with my mom, Izzy, my best friend and her family. It was three cabins, 4 adults and 3 kids and (happily) enough beer to make the fall chill go away. The trip wrapped up with antiquing, and finding an awesome embroidered quilt. I think this is one of my favorite ways to wrap up a trip: bringing home a little something to decorate the house, but remind me of my adventure.

The most recent trip was at Rasar State Park with Izzy, Nick and another couple and their kiddo. We played cards, games, watched movies and relaxed on both trips, and it felt so good to get out into nature.

On both trips, the girls hunted down fairies and played as much as their energy and the rain would allow. Us adults hung out by the fire, playing games, or at the table talking well into the night. It was good for all of us for relaxation.

This time of year makes me so happy-it’s cool, but not too cold and the constant rain hasn’t set in fully, allowing us to adventure as much as possible. As winter approaches, I am so glad that we took the time to get away and recharge.

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Where will fall and winter bring you?

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