A Quick Adventure

It has been so gloriously sunny here, much longer than it normally is in Seattle. The days are still long, and we’re seeing temps in the 80’s and high 70’s. You can tell that fall is coming, but for now, summer is holding on with everything it has.

With Tiny’s surgery coming, I wanted to get her out of the house to play. I needed to step away from all of the cleaning and prep work to get into nature and see some sea critters.  We decided to go play in tide pools. We got there as the tide was starting to come back in, but we were able to get a good 45 minutes of play time. Izzy was more interested in the other kids, and the waves than the sea stars, but she played along while I climbed over rocks and plodded through seaweed beds.  There were so many sea stars, some bigger than my head, in a variety of colors, some slowly moving their suckers, trying to feel out where the water went.  It was a good way to get out and clear my mind and enjoy a misty morning.

I’m looking forward to more trips to local tidepools!