Get Crafty

Lately I have been trying to keep balance between work and mommy-hood with some me time. I had started a scrapbook for Tiny, but stalled out. About a week ago, I took a book making class, and I have definitely felt more excited about paper crafts again. Things I have learned…when you’re tired, your grammar goes out the window, so you’ll see a typo in one of the pics. Just ignore, pretend it’s perfect 🙂

The first shots are of my original scrapbook pages, the next set is of the book I made in a class. I’ll post more pics of other projects I am working on, but for now, enjoy!

And I can’t believe I forgot…my old photos are hanging up! I’m showing a few shots at the T-117 offices for the Port of Seattle. South Park Arts is working with them to showcase local artists while they are doing clean up of the Duwamish River.

That’s it! It’s been a lot of fun doing crafts and hanging out with friends to find that old me, new me balance. Here’s to more days of crafty goodness!