Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice…

That is what little girls are made of!

Today, I found out that Noodle is a girl. I had been willing to put cash down that I was having a boy, but the ultrasound looks to be a girl!

We showed up early, after drinking a ton of water, just to wait for 45 mins. Sigh.  Noodle was quite active, as she tends to be around 3:30-6, and this appointment was no exception.

The radiology technician chased Noodle around for over an hour, trying to get the shots that were needed, and to try to see what we were having; mentioning, “If this is any indication of what your baby will be like after it’s born, good luck!”.  I could only laugh. After feeling her do dance routines all day, and then stepping it up into a full bore tiny martial arts contest for 3 hours in the afternoon, I am impressed the gal got any of the shots she needed in.

She clarified, “your baby doesn’t sit still much, huh?”  This is clearly my baby!  🙂

So, without further adieu, I introduce you to Isabella Grace Anderson-Webber, my little baby bear. As you can see, she wouldn’t sit still long enough for this picture, either!

Here’s to all the adventures this tiny monkey will lead me on!