How to piss off a pregnant woman.

Hmmm…So I am pretty sure there’s a lot of ways, but I am pretty easy going, and quick to forget, so for right now, there’s only one thing…Ok. Two, the other being withholding bacon. But I don’t think anyone I know would ever do that to me, so I am pretty sure I can scratch that off my list.

Which leads me to a quick blog on stupidity.

I’m not a thick girl. I never have been. I eat like a wildebeast, but I also try to do things in moderation. I am also pretty awkward and don’t like a ton of attention paid to my body, especially by random strangers.  All this to say, that at even 5 months, I don’t have a big belly. I don’t show a ton, so unless you know me and my normal build, you may not guess that I am pregnant.

This week alone, I have had numerous strangers offer their gaffaws, opinions and thoughts on what I should be doing or how I should look.

“Are you sure?”
“Is your baby ok?”
“YOU’RE ONLY 5 MONTHS?!?!  You’re so small!”
“Are you eating?”**

Let me pause here, and go through the check list I use to ensure, that I am, uh…yep. Pregnant.
-Lack of period for multiple months? Check.
-Weight gain? Eh.
-Body changes? Check.
-Initial, monthly, AND MD regulated tests indicating that I am indeed a host? Check, check, and check.
** This is my fave, as it usually comes at a time that I am eating something covered in gravy or made of a slab of meat.

I don’t know why, or if I should even be defensive, but holy crap people. How would you like if I came up to you, or butted into your conversation, and offered my two cents on you, your body type, or how you are doing something, etc.
“Wow, you sure don’t look smart, sure you should be using that steak knife?”

When I hear these statements, someone getting judgy, or just talking with their unsolicited words… this is what I imagine the person looking like:


People…do women a favor. Don’t make stupid comments. This also goes for any comments on “normal”, “subnormal”, or higher than “normal” weight gain, or any of the other random things that come with pregnancy. Chances are that person you’re talking to is already feeling awkward and questioning if they’re doing even the smallest of things right. They don’t need a stranger adding to that crazy insecurity.
Cool?  Cool.

Well, thanks for your time 😉 On tap tomorrow??  A recap of crafty goodness!