Bigger, Faster, Better

I’ve had a few sewing machines in my life. First was my mothers’ machine. An old beast that I only remember as being slightly yellowed and likely to take off my finger at any moment. It served a purpose in my house for my mom: to make me clothes. For me, it encouraged me to learn hand sewing. I hated that machine, and for the life of me I cannot explain why.  I hand sewed everything I could-quilts, doll clothes, odd-looking stuffed animals. I couldn’t get enough. Of course, once I figured out boys were way more fascinating, sewing took a back seat.

My next machine was an old 80’s beast that was secured nicely into a desk. It was a salvaged item from my then father in law’s garage sale. He had no interest in it, but I did.  I remember having my ex put it in the van to drag it into our tiny little apartment, where it sat. It hadn’t been serviced in over a decade, and wouldn’t even thread. Defeated, it went into the storage area below our building. When I eventually moved to Seattle, it stayed with the ex after having moved with us 3 times.  I stuck to hand sewing then too.

A few years later I spied a cheap machine at a Target post-turkey day sale. It was less than $100 and I had to go to 3 Target stores to get it. I toted it home and peeked in at the box. I quickly forgot about it after I got my new Subaru. I later opened it up to do a little sewing and crafting. Either something needed mending, or I wanted to make sure it worked. My love of sewing was renewed!

In the past year or two, i have been making blankets, and quilts and have ventured into sewing bags and pants. Its been nice to be a little more self-sufficient, and to have something that is all mine.

Recently my cheap little Singer was starting to annoy me, it wouldn’t stay threaded, and it was just a pain to sew through fabrics. I vowed when I could afford it I would buy a new machine. That happened a few weeks ago, after I finished the new fabric cabinet. I bought a Brother machine, with 100 something stitches and 6 types of button holes. It has quilt and embroidery stitches and when programmed can spell my name. Its crazy, and I love it.

I’ll be doing more with it, making pot holders and aprons from designs I have sketched, and I’ll be bartering with an amazing local seamstress to learn more tricks.  I’m excited, it’s a nice contrast to an otherwise busy life.

As I complete projects, I’ll post em and show folks what I am up to, I’ll also post some of the garden barter pics too, stay tuned.

Yours in craftiness and playing with bigger, faster and better toys!