Man! It has been a while since I posted.  I’d like to say I have been wonderfully busy-out doing amazing things, saving people from fires, or learning welding-you know, the exciting stuff…but I haven’t. I’ve been remodeling the house slowly and hitting the road (albeit less than I would like). Yes, my house is eating my social life!

I have been working on a wall of cupboards in the kitchen, and working with my friend Nate who has been remodeling my bathroom to give it that spa like feel I had always wanted for my home. So day by day, hour by hour, home depot trip by home depot trip my house is becoming more functional, better looking and just overall cooler.

I’ve also been crafting up a storm, buying and fixing up a new antique cupboard to hold my fabrics and have been busy sketching out designs for fun baby blankets. This of course has meant numerous trips to the fabric store.

hmmm…What else has been going on…

I had a wonderful trip through Oregon and California at the start of May-pics to come. We spent 10 days hiking, caving and rock climbing-I even squeezed in time to hit an awesome craft store-Taterpatch quilts in Merrill Oregon.

People keep asking what the wedding/baby/new house updates are.  I always laugh when I hear this. We’re still working out the dates, but keep getting side tracked by everything else life brings our way. I’ll keep you all updated as we figure that out. After 14  years, we’re in no rush. 🙂

Show-wise, I am taking a small break from showing my work after hanging in Big Al’s for 2 months-I did sell a huge print of an old series but am enjoying the spare time I have lately. On a happy note, I am doing bartering these days. An amazing gardener needs photography done for her website, and I have no idea how to garden-other than the stick in the ground and hope it survives. While it’s OK looking out there, I know it could be amazing, so Allyson will be teaching me the ropes on how to sustain my own garden. I’ll have to add pics from that to the blog too.

For tonight, I think that is about all the updates I have. Its back to the back room for more sketching and some tea before bed.

Cheers, Raina