You are my sunshine

Oh, Tiny.

She makes me laugh, makes me want to pull out my hair, and makes me question everything I do and know. In short, she’s pretty amazing.

Yesterday, she ran around with her rubber duck held high in the air, making it “fly” while making pterodactyl noises. She’s very big into dinosaurs right now and couldn’t have been more excited and proud of herself for mimicking the noises on the documentary we watched and the book we looked at. She’d zoom the duck around, squawking, and then look at me, cheeks flushed and smile wider than the whole world.

Oh my sweet baby.

We later went to Lincoln Park to the beach for a friends birthday-the sun was warm, and even though Izzy wouldn’t sit still, it was a great time. I was able to get some fun pictures of her. Oh my Sunshine.

Izzy beach2

Izzy beach


izzy B+W