On The Road Again

This past weekend we hit the road to Mt Rainier to do some tent camping with Izzy. We also decided to try to wean her off of her feeding tube. If you’re going to try something new, it should at least be done in a new environment while having fun.

The weather was amazing, and Izzy did really well. She loved the tent, trees, and critters. Our spot was also next to the river and away from other campers, so she could scream her fool head off during bottle feeds without really disturbing other campers (we hope).

The trip was over way too fast, and it was really nice to know for sure that we could camp with her. I also found that the car was pretty comfy for pumping, too.

On our way home we took a detour to Yakima for cherries and beer, and found a great little restaurant, Barrel House (http://www.barrelhouse.biz/5601.html). This place was seriously amazing-I had the portabella blue burger – which you can order up to 2 lbs big! ┬áThe cole slaw was awesome, and the beer and wine were all local.

We’re home now, and the wean has been a mixed bag-the kid has a pretty strong aversion (how does my kid not love food?!), but we’re working on it.

This week I’ll be wrapping up my vacation by making jam with the cherries from Yakima, watching fireworks with friends, and celebrating my 35th birthday (eep!). I’m also working on a shadowbox for her nursery too. Not a bad way to spend a week!

Here’s to you all!