Fuzzy Healing

I keep meaning to post pictures of my vacation, but when you see the pictures of what I have been doing, you’ll see why that has taken a back seat. 🙂

Last week, I went to pick up Chicken Kitties ashes from the vet. They had been so amazingly kind and supportive and I was so glad to have had them put down Chicken, since it had to be done. Upon picking her up, Mary had let me know there was a gift in there for me – It was a baked clay tile with her little kitty paw prints. In addition to my baby’s ashes in a beautiful wood box, I had her tiny ant-feet to remind me of her too. I of course bawled to no end, but it was an amazing way to say goodbye, but still keep her close. I decided I needed to go run errands to clear my mind, and opted to get some big worms for the chickens to nibble on. They have been producing so well, I thought, why not give them a treat. As I walked up to the pet store, I saw something that made my heart melt and break all at the same time-a fuzzy, itty bitty ball of cuteness. The paper on the cage said that he was abandoned, and was only 6 weeks old. He was underfed, but loving. I paused, longingly at the blue eyed calico mess, looking so tiny in his big cage, and then went on in for worms for the girls. On my way out, I asked if I could hold him, and he was the cutest, howlingest thing ever. My eyes were still red from crying over Chicken Kitty, I wasn’t ready.

All that night I thought about his furry little face, and wondered, “Why hadn’t anyone adopted him!?”. The next morning I convinced Nick to go look at him before a quick hike and sea glass hunting. The kitten was still there, looking sad. Lots of people had stopped by, but no one wanted him. Nick wasn’t sold on the idea, he was still grieving Chicken, and his own kitty leaving to go live with his old roommate. I put him back and we went on our hike. Post hike, Nick and I stopped at the Tin Room in Burien for a beer, and discussed the kitty. Nick had decided he was ready and could see that I was too, so we decided to go look one more time. We were both so smitten and decided I needed to have him. I feel really fortunate to have found an abandoned furry, and I still miss Chicken Kitty every day, but it’s nice to know that a little guy has a good home. So without further adieu, I introduce: Iggy:

Its hard to be sad, when I look at his tiny face, and hold his 1 lb, 3 oz body. It reminds you to just be happy and to live in the moment.

I hope all of you are doing as well as I have been-my best to you all!