Finding your tribe

No matter what you do, or where you go, having or finding your tribe helps.

Wait…What’s a tribe?

You know that group of people that get you, and you don’t have to explain what you’re up to? That’s your tribe! It’s a group of people who understand the quirky things you have going on, and are likely there with you.

I have my momma tribe-fierce ladies who are figuring out this whole baby raising thing as we go. They are the gals who know sleepless nights, nursing, and crying (ours and that of the baby).

I have my work tribe-the folks who understand words like Apollo, email-only, bug fixes for 2016.

And just as importantly, I have my food blogger tribe. And oh man, is this tribe good. It can be hard to explain to people why my food went cold, trying to get the right shot for a blog post. I get funny looks when I explain that I get paid to write and eat and that it’s a real thing! Having a tribe makes you feel less crazy for the things you do! This is the group that gets that sweet, magic time between when your kiddo goes to bed, and you succumb to Netflix, when you write as much as you can, for as long as you can because you just don’t know when the time (or the idea) will be there again. These are the people that know, and understand, your other baby-the words and recipes that are stuck in your head. Whenever you can find that tribe and the time to be with them, you take it.

I had an amazing chance to connect with my tribe and even build on it, at the International Food Bloggers Conference (IFBC) a few weeks ago. Imagine: three days of food, wine, technology; all while surrounded by people who are just as excited about it as you are! Plate after plate, class after class; talented chefs, photographers, and writers. All there for you to enjoy.

It was like Wonkaland, with about as many calories.

I came up with no less than 30 new post ideas, made new friends, AND ended up with a ton of new swag (yet another perk of attending conferences)!

Still not convinced? Check out some of the highlights of IFBC 2015. Food, free swag, wine, more food and wine, and finally a quiet spot to relax and jot notes. I’ll warn you, these were mostly taken with my iPhone, as I was too busy having fun.

Raina at IFBC

breakfast of champions

Burnt Toast book


chartruese bubbles


coffe and sugar cube



lamb pate

loulay dessert

Loulay Eggs Benedict

Maryhill wine


I highly recommend attending a conference to connect with like minded individuals, refocus your writing, and to give your motivation a boost. After all, sitting in front of a computer IS work, and having something that reminds you just how fun writing can be is essential. Everyone needs their tribe-do you have yours?

Please leave a comment! I’d love to hear how you find your tribe, any and all types!

Yours in food,