Gifts You Actually Want

Hello, dear reader! We’re counting down the days until Valentines Day, and we’re back for Day 4 with a list of gifts you would actually want to receive.

We’ve all been there-we get a last-minute card, or some stale candy (weren’t we just on a New Years diet??) and while the intention was good, it wasn’t quite what we wanted. We’ve also been on the other end, trying to figure out what to give someone for Valentines Day-that perfect gift that doesn’t disappoint, and isn’t terribly hard to find. Don’t you worry, I’ve got you covered!  Read on for my top 4 easily found gifts, perfect for foodies!

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First up is the Instant Pot. Holy pants, this thing is awesome. It’s a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice maker, yogurt maker and 3 other things; it could probably even clean your kitchen, it is THAT fancy. Aside from cooking quickly and producing meals that are super delicious, it saves me on two important things: time and money. I love that this replaced multiple pieces of kitchen equipment, but i can  throw a whole pork loin in and a few hours later I have perfect pulled pork. It’s like my slow cooker on steroids. Lastly, clean up is a breeze. It’s like this thing was made for me. I have this version of the Instant Pot, and it runs about $115 (no worries, this isn’t an affiliate link, I just really love this thing).

Next up is a Gel Pro Elite Floor Mat, which is the perfect give for cooks, or anyone who has a standing work station.  I don’t know about you, but after cooking for hours my feet and legs hurt-blame sitting most of the day, but it is not comfortable to stand on hardwood floors all day! This is where this awesome mat comes in! I tested it out at the International Food Bloggers Convention, and fell in love. I was sent one to test out, and it’s a very welcome addition to my kitchen. It’s pretty, comfortable to stand on due to the therapeutic gel, and holds up to the traffic of a chef, a toddler, a sausage-shaped dog and me running all over it all day long. You can order them at their site, and they run about $120. They also make one for standing desks that I want to pick up next, it’s that helpful!  While I did receive one in return for my honest feedback, I would recommend this mat regardless; it’s really lovely!

Looking for something a little more on the cheaper side? I have you covered there, too! I love dishes that are unique and whimsical and I am always on the hunt for fun things to replace my old dishes. A few months ago, I ran into Carrie Lane who is The Bowl Maker at a holiday pop up show where she was selling her bowls and cups. She was nice, funny, and her bowls and mugs were incredible! I picked up a salad bowl, a mug (with a cat playing a fiddle-come on!!), and a large serving bowl, and everything was SO affordable. While I had intended to give them as Christmas gifts, I ended up keeping them all to myself! They are just that fun. Another added benefit was that my kiddo actually had fun eating out of her “bear bowl”. Anything that can get a picky toddler to eat is a win for me.

Lastly, is the gift of drink. I really enjoy supporting local businesses any time I can and well, I like happy hour. Every year, I travel to Finn River Farm and Cidery to pick up a case of ciders and spirits and to play in their farm. If I were able to have a full farm, this is pretty close to what it would look like. Imagine acres of gardens, filled with fruits, vegetables and flowers; add livestock and fresh air and blue skies and you have Finn Rivers’ grounds. I really like their ciders-they have a Habanero Cider ($9) that is amazing with pork, or a Dry Hopped Cider ($9) that is plain delicious for sipping. My two new favorites are their Artisan Sparking Cider, which is made in the champagne style ($23) and the Finnriver Cacao Wine with Apple Brandy ($20), which is sweet and outstanding with ice cream. This makes a great day trip get away via ferry as well, if you’re able to go. If not, you can buy these online!

So there you have it-4 fun gifts for the foodie (or yourself).

What’s your #1 gift idea?

Yours in food and sweet gifts,