Tick, tick, tick.

Well, the due date came and went.

At first I was bummed, as one would expect. *I* show up to appointments on time, I would think my Tiny Beast would too.


But it worked out for the best-I was able to get in one more date night, and relax, just to find out today that our roof is leaking…into one of the walls of our nursery.


Sometimes being late works out really well.

Today has been spent wondering if each contraction is really labor, and how to tell if my water really broke, while wrapping up things at work and coordinating house repair projects.

From the outside, this probably looks like the worst sitcom, ever.  It’ll all work out, it’ll all be ok, but it is a little silly.

Right now, I am listening to the sound of Nick on the roof, with tubes of roof goop working to seal up anything thing that could be leaking, and working to seal up the gutters. Aside from that, it’s the sound of the dehumidifier whirring away in the nursery, drying out the walls.

Again, it’ll all work out, and it’ll all be ok. Baby-wise, it’s a waiting game. House-wise, it’ll get done).

Funny enough, my creative use of tools is catching on!  Nick just asked for a long, skewer type tool, to which I offered…a knitting needle. Apparently, it IS the right tool for roof repair, as I suspected a while ago.

Here’s to limited chaos in your world and if you’re waiting for big things, may they pan out at the right time, and no earlier or later than you need!

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