Who was super productive this weekend? THIS GIRL!

Holy. Cow.
I knocked so much off of my to do list this weekend, and It. Felt. Good!

I was able to get in some canning, and made spaghetti sauce and my chipotle cherry jam. I also got in some photography for Lucha Libre, a Mexican Wrestling event here in South Park. I cleaned and emptied boxes, trimmed back the jungle that is my garden, AND I finally uploaded my pics from Yellowstone (sheesh, almost two months later). It felt really good having 2 days in a row that I could spend doing whatever I wanted, and it was nice to be in public again to see friends and show off my non-existent baby bump (it’s there, really!). So…without further delay, may I bombard you with pictures!

OH I love Jam. To the left-smokey, delicious chipotle cherry jam; to the right-veggie spaghetti sauce. 
This guy was so fuzzy and cute. I had to stay across the road from him, but  he was still close enough to see his cute fuzzy feet!  Look at those things! Aside from the whole “he could rip your face off” claws, those are too cute.
I hadn’t ever seen one of these things.  It’s a Prong Horn. Looks like he found something delicious to eat!
Much like the bear, I wanted to give these guys a big ole hug. While it wouldn’t have ended  well,  they still  made me squeal like a little kid when I saw them!

Most of the animals just wanted to show me their bums. I was ok with that. On Facebook, I tagged either myself, or Nick, as a bum. 


These two were awesome. The calf had been stuck across the river and was crying out for it’s momma. Eventually she braved the river and jumped in, to be greeted, and then left, by her momma. Apparently, she had things to do!

Lastly, Nick and I. This was after a long hike, and I am assuming way too many pictures. I bet he was just  ready to be done. I do have to say, I may be the queen of the self-taken picture! 🙂

So there you are, a photo recap, months past due, and a few things ticked off the to do list. Yay!

All my best

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