35 by 35

     I’ve been sitting on a list of things I’d like to accomplish, and since I am whipping out things left and right this week, I thought, lets wrap this list up and get it posted!  I’m 34, and I have PLENTY of years left in me, but man…why wait to do anything?  I could probably lump some of these together, so I may come back and do some editing of this list, but nothing will come off-just get noted and combined and something else will get added on. This has been an amazing few years so far, why not add a little direction to make it THAT much better-here’s to you, all! 
May your next year be fun, productive and adventurous!

35 by 35
      1.    Finish all my currently existing sewing projects 
      2.    Make cheese
      3.    Brine my own olives
      4.    Finish my patch quilt
      5.    Learn to knit
      6.    Have a baby-I’ll admit to kinda cheating, since I’m half way there.
      7.    Go deep sea fishing in Washington
      8.    Brew a stout beer
      9.    Make Blackberry Sage Jam
      10.  Have an Etsy shop with my necklaces
      11.  Host a meatloaf throw down-ala Bobby Flay style
      12.  Go to Bacon Happy Hour at Locol 360
      13.  Help strangers more often
      14.  Go to Barkley Bay
      15.  Hike with aforementioned baby
      16.  Remodel the kitchen (again)
      17.  Learn to cook Indian food properly
      18.  Learn to make Pho from scratch (better than before)
      19.  Learn to properly make bread from scratch,  so the loaf is not                    
             actually weapon-like
      20.  Build a craft studio
      21.  Learn to filet a fish without destroying the meat
      22.  Have more picnics
      23.  Go to the Sequim Lavender Festival
      24.  Go clam digging
      25.  Sing. In Public. Sober. (this should be pretty easy, since I don’t   
             drink these days)
      26.  Ride a mechanical bull-sober. I’d like to confirm that I’m as    
             awesome as I think I was
      27.  Stop being so scared to share my writing
      28.  Trim 1/3 of the stuff out of my house
      29.  Complete another painting
      30.  Make pillow case shirts
      31.  Make chipotle cherry jam  Hey look-crossed one off!!
      32.  Go on at least two of the rockhounding trips my Dad planned, but 
             never made
      33.  Learn to make horchata and tortillas from scratch.
      34.  Successfully grow carrots and peas
      35.  Take more craft classes

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