So far…

The tiniest snowflakes are falling on 4-6″ of new snow that fell overnight. I am taking a sick day, which annoys me for a couple of reasons:
1. I have so much work to do, which means more work to do tomorrow and Friday
2. There are tiny snow flakes that I should be playing in!  Tiny snowflakes, people. Did I ever mention to you that I have a sled?

The snow will have to wait for the redness and swollen wonkiness that is happening in my throat.

2012 is now 18 days in. So far, its been pretty good.

I have been working on my 2012 list, and my life list-the things that I want to accomplish. I feel like there’s always a life inside of me that isn’t being fully lived. Being sick reminds me of that, and how much I can’t stand sitting still. I’ll be posting a new blog shortly, with some pretty pics of a type out goal list, so stay tuned for that.

In the mean time, I feel a nap coming on, as I sit next to a warm fire surrounded by tiny furry bodies.