Tiny Beasts’ Tiny Lair

People have been asking for pictures of the nursery, and since Tiny Beast is down for a nap, I thought I’d post some pictures.  Much of the furniture and decorations are either things from my childhood, or from local artists, or handmade by me.  I wanted to go with a woodland theme, with a lot of critters and earth tones.  You’ll see that there is a Queen Anne buffet in the nursery; normally a crib would live in that spot, but since Izzy has to sleep in a harness on her belly, we moved the crib into our bedroom, since the bassinet won’t work for anything but supervised naps.  I’m really happy how it turned out-it’s warm, just sunny enough, and there’s a nice tree that attracts a lot of birds just outside. It’s been a great spot to pump and rock her when she’s fussy during the day.

This is where the crib normally lives. The banner is made of fabric and flowers, and spells out her name. It’s attached to willow reeds that hold little critters!

 The pictures are each of her ultrasound pictures, with space for one more picture of her now that she is here (gotta get on that!).

 We wanted to bring in family pictures-my great, great grandparents, Nick’s great and grandparents, my Mom and Dad are here too, along with a plate with written wishes from my baby showers.

 Along with the woodland theme, we incorporated Tom Clark Gnomes that my parents used to collect, along with fossilized wood my Dad and I collected and polished, and a tree stump jewelry box my Dad made when I was little.  For those of you who know me, I collect rocks, so I added a few of those in too. They are tucked around the nursery in little spots, just out of the reach of little hands.

Here is the corner-a butterfly print from Ikea (Nick calls me Mariposa, so I wanted to add that in). There are the curtains that I made (also with gnomes) and the butterfly mobile from my friend Liz. The pink blob in the corner is crystal cluster specimen collected by my Dad and I from a sulfur flat. Every year, we would go to this remote location and hop in, or stand on the edge of suflur pits, and break off these massive chunks of pink salt crystals.  We’d come home caked in salt, smelling of rotting eggs, with a few amazing specimens. While I don’t remember it being my favorite activity, looking back on it, it was a great time.

These pictures are from Justin Hargrove, an artist whose work I adore. It’s Disney meets Creepy, and I just love them!

Continuing with the woodland theme, we have more critters, another Hilgrove picture, and porcelain figures my parents picked up in England-these are also scattered around the nursery, like the rocks and the gnomes. The squirrel is oddly, a dog toy from my first dog as an adult, and the tree is drift wood from one of my first trips to the Washington coast. Pretty much everything has a story behind it here, and I am happy to have reused things I had laying around.

Most things in this picture are from my childhood as well-I can’t wait to share my love of books with Izzy as she grows. Right now, she seems to like “Hands, Hands, Fingers, Thumb”.

We had to acknowledge our even nerdier side, adding in some Star Wars pieces here and there too. 
We decided to put the mobile on her changing table, since she sleeps on her belly. That was an awesome idea. She doesn’t cry when we change her, as she is too distracted by the tiny owl and hedgehog. We have been doing cloth diapering, and I LOVE the Gdiaper system-so easy.

The rocking chair was the one that my parents used with me, the old well-loved bear was given to my mom when my parents were dating, and then given to me. I chewed his nose off, and squeezed the stuffing into his legs. The antique quilt on the back of the chair has the letters of the alphabet and images sewn on. It’s just big enough to cover Izzy and I when she’s fussy. I had originally intended to use the footstool as a  footstool, but found that it makes the perfect end  table for books, snacks, my pump and anything else I need close by. I recovered with with wood grain patterned fabric. The curtains are from Ikea and were cute AND super cheap. What more do you need?

This lamp is a work in progress. Those circle glue dots don’t hold well, so I’ll be using my hot glue gun to finish this bad boy, you get the idea though.

Lastly, the rug-from Ikea-it’s super cute and just big enough.  It’s adorable, and works well with the rest of the items in Tiny Beasts nursery.

That’s the tour! Lots of love, cute recycled items, and a good sense of our past and family to share with Izzy.

What did you incorporate into your personal space/nurseries that make you smile?