A birth story to end all birth stories, and you’re not even here!

Oh, baby.

This has been one silly week. Tiny Beast was due well over a week ago, and while I occasionally do curse her for being late, I have to say that it worked out pretty darn well.

Let me take you back just over one week ago, so you have the full picture. The weather: a normal Seattle rainy winter-cold, gloomy, torrential down pours, whispers that snow will be here. I’m outside with Kip when I hear a POP, and see my lights flicker. Living in Seattle, and experiencing crappy weather, and power outages, this isn’t too far out of the norm. Little did I know, that would be the sound of my electrical box giving up the ghost after putting up with rain falling through the wall for who knows how long.

The next day, I went into the nursery to get some organization in, and I noticed that the wall looked a little funny-like water had splashed on it. I raised up the giant picture I had on the wall, only to have it come flying off. That’s when I saw it…My wall was slightly damp and soft.

Son of a…

We scrambled to find a contractor, to figure out what had happened, and how we could fix it. Unfortunately, the first guy we brought over wasn’t of any help.  He didn’t think my idea of where the water was getting in was accurate, suggesting it was not coming from the power post (directly above the wet wall), but instead, going through the gutters and back up at an angle, through the eves and then down into the wall).  We called my neighbor, and saving grace contractor, who came over and confirmed what we knew-the roof was leaking into the house at the power post. Trips were made to the home improvement store for roof goop and the issue was sealed up. We started to run the dehumidifier to dry the nursery out.

Saturday came and with it the realization that the pop on Thursday had been the breaker for my hot water heater. We had no hot water and power wasn’t getting to the heater, no matter how many times I flipped the breaker on and off and cursed at it. I stopped playing with it when the breaker box sparked at me. It was clear I was in over my head.

Calls were made, and again my friend came out. We ended up replacing the water heater, doing tests….nothing. We couldn’t get any hot water. Days later, we gave up, and called the electrician who fixed a broken wire in less than an hour.

It had been quite the ordeal, but we’re happy to say that the electric box is all dried up and fixed, the wall is dried out, the new hot water tank is amazing, and never had I been so happy to take a hot shower as I was.

I am amazed and so impressed to have had so many people invite me over to shower, or to stay with them until the house crap was resolved. I am grateful for an awesome contractor friend who was willing to come over for days to try to fix everything, and for a local electrical company for being willing to squeeze me in hours after I called freaking out that I didn’t have hot water.

This baby has great timing, but now I am ready to have her come out!  The midwives think she is big-high 8’s, low 9’s. That’s pounds. We had a non-stress and fluid test to make sure she is doing well in there. She is super active, playing, with a strong, healthy heart beat. She has more than enough fluid to keep her safe.  I am pretty sure she has a fort in there.

We have more appointments coming-another non-stress test and fluid test this weekend, and if she still isn’t here by Tuesday, we start inducing. While I am sad that it looks like I will need medical assistance to get her here, I am just happy she is healthy, safe and happy. I’m starting to learn that with this kid, my plans go out the window, and I am at the mercy of what she wants to do.

In less than a week she’ll be here, and I’ll be able to hold my little (or not so little) Tiny Beast, and have three months off with her. I can’t wait. I am ready.

Here’s to finding your way through chaos, and finding your light and happiness in that. 🙂


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