Inside jokes

Today was potentially my last day working from the office before Tiny Beast gets here. She’s been head down for a while, and I’m starting to dilate. In theory, I have less than 4 weeks, but this little bear has a mind of her own. At yesterdays appointment, the midwife suggested more rest, less hours, and working from home. There were other recommendations in there, like pick a day to stop working. She and Nick didn’t seem to keen on my answer, “My last day is when I go into labor”.

So here I am…

It’s odd thinking that she could come any time. It’s odd that I get to work from home full time. It’s just plain odd that I am no longer in control. I’m trying really hard to let that go, but as it turns out…I suck at that.  Here’s to trying.

A few weeks ago, I felt hiccups for the first time. From inside. That weren’t mine. It was the most amazing, yet weird experience yet. Movement, I get. Hiccups, just another experience. I do have to say that it makes me giggle now, feeling the tiny jolts that make my belly slightly expand rhythmically. It’s nice to know she’s doing well in there, and that she and I know what’s happening, but no one else does. I’ll admit I probably look nuts smiling down at my belly, trying not to laugh.

I also think…man, what are you doing in there that you get the hiccups so often? Who knows.

Outside of baby-ness, things are good. Nick is clocking close to 70 hours this week at work, and we’re trying to arrange a guys night for him, and dinner for our friends. Busy days!  We picked up a tree, which is sitting in it’s stand, undecorated. Meh-we’ll get to it tomorrow. Saturday, my Mom is coming up to help with some house stuff and to cook us a big dinner. We’re trying to hang out as much as possible, without me getting overwhelmed/annoyed. Moms are great, just in small doses. We may get in some photography and shopping.

Craft-wise, I have some photos I want to enter in some contests, and there’s the food blog that needs updating. I have a few sewing projects to complete this week and next, as well.

Other than that?  It’s put up my feet, relax, get in some dog park time and wait. Not a bad way to spend the winter. 🙂

What’s on tap for you all this December?

Here’s to the final weeks wrapping up!


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