Sit down and shut up.

I really don’t have any other better title for this blog than that. Date night went from watching the Seattle Sounders to this:

Yep. I got a fabulous trip to the ER. D’oh.  I did get a snazzy preheated blanket to snuggle under while I waited for tests and to have a fetal heart rate test done.

I had originally thought I was getting a bladder infection, which to any care provider means you’re probably going to blow up, or some horrible thing. I had also been feeling run down after a few long weeks at work. Izzy had been pretty quiet most of the day, so that had us worried too. After a call to the consulting nurse, we opted to go into the ER and get a check up done. Turns out, I was fine, and the reason I felt like crap was that I simply do too much. Doc’s orders:  Sit still. Relax. Let others help you more.

Basically, everything I suck at.

So I have orders from the nurse, the doc, and Nick, and countless others to do nothing. Sleep in, relax and slow down. I have stopped making new to do lists, and am trying to not do everything baby-related right now. It’s super hard.

Here’s to trying though!  This weekend is set up well to hanging out. I have a book sale to go to, and a baby shower tomorrow. It should be a good weekend. I’ll keep you all updated on how that whole sitting still goes. It’s now day two, and I am still in my jammies, so I guess that’s something!

How do you guys relax?


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  1. Gavin Ramstead says:

    you are getting there! I know A'mee had a hard time slowing down too with Maddie (or 2nd kid) and we had a few reminder trips to the ER about it too… You are doing great! Just remember you need to rest too!

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