The past 5 weeks have been a whirlwind.  1500 lbs worth of a dump run, close to 30 donation trips; one giant storage locker and two homes full of boxes and new furniture later, I am done moving my Dad’s things.  I have some pretty random new collections and more tools and fossils than I know what to do with, but it feels good to be done with the move. I now have the task of organizing everything, and finding a way to get a 7’4″ stereo cabinet that I built with my dad into my house. It looks like it is going to come in through my front window!

Today is the 4th of July, and I am sitting here in a little patch of sunlight, drinking coffee after having mac n cheese for breakfast. What? YOU don’t eat delicious mac n cheese for breakfast?? Normally, I don’t either, but it’s a rare day off with absolutely nothing that I HAVE to do, so I figured: Lets have a treat.  Mmmmm…..I highly recommend it; and I don’t have to feel like a piggy, since I have the day to use up some of the calories.

With moving and cleaning 4-5 days a week in a city an hour away, I haven’t been up to much in the way of crafts or gardening. This week and weekend will really be about getting that going again. A lot of things in the garden have gone to seed, so I will spending some of today trimming things back, pulling the potatoes, and harvesting lettuce.  I’ll also go through a few boxes and try to trim down some of the stuff that I have. My goal by the end of the summer is to get rid of 1/3 of the things I own (old and new). A daunting task, but one that needs to happen. Next up is editing the pics from Yellowstone, which sadly are still on film and in my digital camera.

I also want to get in the fields and  pick some fruit for fresh jam. My cherry and strawberry jams have all been hits and I cant wait to try my hand at some raspberry jelly!  Maybe this weekend, when I have a kitchen again 🙂

The ultimate craft project is actually coming along well, and I’ll have more on it in a week or so. I’m pretty excited about this project. If you can hold through the mystery, I think you’ll be pleased with what I have been working on!

Lastly, is the coop!  The three new girls are in dire need of a big girl home. Nick and his Dad have been working on the massive structure between trips to Tacoma.  Its 5 times the size of my old coop, and will make for a great new home for all of my girls. I think today I will bring the new girls outside to check out their new world, and to see how they do.  Plus, the other girls have been cooped up (some pun intended) for way too long. It’ll be nice to get them out and have them stretch their chicken-y legs.

Well, that’s it for now! I have a pile of boxes staring me down and my Dad’s paintings that are begging to be hung up.  Hope your 4th is lovely, relaxing and full of happiness!