Man, I am lucky…

I’m sitting here yelling answers at Jeopardy after a good long nap. After dealing with social workers, hospitals and therapists; I’m taking a day off to do nothing and to be silly.  It feels good.

Why you ask am I yelling at the TV? Because in my house…Jeopardy is a ridiculous show where the wrong answer is often the better answer.  This also works for saying the same answer over and over. For instance: the topic was Local Newspapers…I knew one of them was bound to be “The Herald”…So I kept saying it. While my loss was 800, my right answer was worth 1600.  We also do actually play the show, and when we stop being silly, do pretty well.  So…What started this blog?  A Jeopardy based conversation with Nick. I say I am lucky, as not many people would engage in this silliness. 🙂

Nick: Would you ever go to see Jeopardy?
Me: I don’t know…
Nick: Apparently there’s free tickets. Would you go?
Me: Hmmm…Would it be raining?
Nick: Partly cloudy
Me: Can you ridicule the people who don’t answer right? Or yell your own answers?
Nick: You probably could, but you’d be thrown out.
Me: Totally worth it.
Me: (Interrupting) Would we be waiting for Conan?
Nick: Sure
Me: Then yes…if it was raining and there was nothing better to do and I could yell at the contestants on my way to go see Conan; then yes. I would go.

And there you have it. I have a neat guy, who doesn’t think its odd to yell random answers (which by the way was WAY more hilarious when I was drinking), and provides me with imaginary scenarios in which to attend shows that I like.

I’m also lucky for so many other reasons. This has not been a good week family-wise. Nick went down to Tacoma before I got off work to help clear my Dad’s apartment out. He made my a lovely dinner when I got home from Tacoma the next night around 11 pm, after starting work at 7 am. He picked up my new chicks for me while I was at work, so I would have a cute chirpy surprise when I got home.

It’s the big things, the little things, and the silly things which make me pretty darn lucky. Here’s to finding your  own competitive Jeopardy yelling cohort 🙂


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