Pants-big girl and otherwise

Currently, the title of this post is Pants-big girl and otherwise. I’ll probably change it by the time I finish jotting my thoughts down. It seems fitting (pun only slightly intended), that I use that title, and here’s why:
Pants, in the literal sense: I have been sick the past few days, and have been living in pajamas. Seriously. I haven’t left the house since late Sunday and have been working from home. I have big hair, a cough, and it ain’t pretty. Be glad you’re not here to witness it!
But it also means Big girl pants. There’s been change happening, which has required big girl pants to be worn! After 5 (quite) long months, my mom moved into her own place. I am really proud of her for venturing out and getting her own place, but am so, so glad to have my craft room back.

Speaking of….I’ve almost finished my first quilt. Its not the one I have been working on for eons, but a pretty blue one. After I finish this post, I’ll be putting the binding on. I am so excited to see this project done 🙂

No big news on my end, just a quick germy update 🙂

Hope all of you are doing well! And hey, look at that, the title stayed!