Hello world!

Well, Hello world. You’re looking very shiny and nice today.  🙂   Welcome to my page. It’s an attempt to get my work and in turn, myself out and about.

You always get to these pages, where you think: “Hmm…my first blog/page/thing/whatever…It should be GOOD and BIG! And…”

But then you just sit and can’t really find the words you want to immortalize who you are (or at least pass the time).

I could start here and tell you about myself, but there’s a page for that. I could write out my calendar for the week, but I am pretty sure there’s an app for that.

*According to Apple and most sites, there’s an app for everything.*

So the best I can offer for this first blog is this:

Hi. My name is Raina. I live in Seattle. I’m an artist, a feminist, a nerd, a cook, a social worker, a girlfriend, and a person that changes depending on what hat I have on. Have a seat, grab a drink, and have a look around my page. You’ll find food, adventure, critters, and crafts. I don’t sit still and I can’t wait to share all of that with you!

Cheers to you in new adventures!


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